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  • Welcome to the BioTrade Impact Assessment System (BTIAS).

    BioTrade activities are being implemented worldwide, there is a constant need to define and measure its contribution to sustainable development and the conservation/sustainable use of biodiversity in a harmonized and structured manner. To address this need, UNCTAD developed the BTIAS considering its three basic approaches: value chain, adaptive management and ecosystem.

    The BTIAS comprises guidelines for partners to understand the concept of the system, as well as technical sheets per indicator to measure and track the social, environmental and economic impact of their activities. The system includes ten indicators, divided into environment (5 indicators), socio-economic (4 indicators) and governance (1 indicator) and can be implemented for BioTrade activities related to flora and fauna. Through the system, data can be disaggregated by geographical coverage (country, region and global levels), type of activity (agriculture, NTFP, aquaculture, etc) & industry (food, cosmetic, handicrafts, etc), origin of the species (flora, fauna, CITES) and hectares.

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